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Our Colour Packages 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Blonder with Bonder

This package is for Those guests that are looking for that next level Blonde . Using our premium Lightener with Bonder inside to maintain the hairs integrity whilst getting that platinum yet seamless  lift.

This service includes the necessary Technique to achieve the Blonde of your dreams, Tip outs, Gloss, Our prescription Acidic Bonding Concentrate treatment and a cut and Blow-dry.


Our Colour Packages 


The Platinum Card

This service is for those looking for 'Full head Bleach' look.

This technique is packed out foils with no dimension to create a clean white Blonde Canvas.

Our premium Bonding Bleach, Gloss, Cut and Blow-dry is inclusive of this package.

Please be aware, this is not suitable for all hair types/conditions, Please ensure to book for a consultation Before booking, your stylist will recommend the package most suited to your needs.



Lived in Blonde

Low maintenance and Bright in all the right places.

That perfect 'Beach Vibe' Blonde. 

The Natural grow out allows more time between appointments and still feels Bright.

This package includes Technique, Gloss and cut and Blow-dry.




This technique is suitable for most hair types and used in creating Brighter blends, or even soft Brunettes.

 Rooty and blended, Dimensional and tonal.

This Package includes Technique, Gloss, Acidic Bonding Concentrate and Cut and Blow-dry.



Free Hand Balayage

A Free Hand Painting technique using a clay lightener, used for creating subtle and soft Balayage Blends.

Consultation is reccomended before booking, if you're brunette looking for a 'Bright Blonde Balayage' this is not for you. If you're looking for Natural Blends, this is your gal.



Detailed Face Frame 

The lowest Maintenance colour package.

Face Frame and textured weaves to pop Around that face and blend through for that Beachy Look.

This package also includes Technique, Gloss and Cut and Blow-Dry.


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