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Skin Allergy Test!

All chemical services require a skin test 24-48 hours minimum prior to your hair appointment. If you have been to us before we must insist on  re-testing if you haven't had a chemical service in within 6 months of your last colour or test.

Booking this with your online appointment is your responsibility, please ensure you have booked this prior to your appointment or we will have to turn you away on the day and deposits will not be refunded! Thank you and we can't wait to welcome you back.

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For online bookings, a deposit will be paid on booking, of which can be cancelled and refunded UP TO 48 hours before your appointment. Any cancellations after the 48 hour period, will not be refunded.

For in salon phone bookings, a text link will be sent out to you for a deposit to be paid to secure your appointment. Failure to pay a deposit will result in the appointment being cancelled.

Pleeeaaseee give us as much notice as possible for cancellations, we do have a waiting list and this gives us chance to offer somebody else your appointment.

Thank you 

Team Phoenix 

Cancellation policy

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